Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cooking Up a Miracle- you can help!

This site was initially developed as Nate and I were traveling to Uganda to adopt Patricia.  Three years later we have been led to pursue the adoption of Tolya (and possibly Artem).  I will post more details on that as soon as I get a second or two, but for now I will let the following suffice as we desperately need to get some fundraising underway!

Many of you may know that our family is pursuing the adoption of Tolya, a teenage boy from an orphanage in the Ukraine that we hosted at our home last summer as well as over Christmas.  It was truly our pleasure to host him, and after much prayer we felt led to pursue his adoption.  He initially expressed a desire to be adopted but has since had cold feet at times (I am in touch with him regularly over a Ukrainian social media site).  This mostly seems to come after he has spoken with his oldest brother in particular who will advise him to stay in the Ukraine, and so Tolya will express to us that he is 'thinking about it'.  As we ride the roller coaster of emotions through this situation, it has remained clear to us as we seek the Lord that we are to do the next thing.  Take the next step.  We don't know where this is headed or how it will turn out but it is clear that for now, this is our path.  

Another thing that has been revealed as some investigation has taken place into Tolya's situation is that there is also a younger brother- age 7 or 8- also in the same orphanage.  The Ukraine is very specific about wanting siblings to be kept together in the adoption process, so the possibility of us adopting both boys is real.  We actually don't know much about Artem's story at this time.

It seems as though we may be travelling in the fall/early winter of this year to the Ukraine for our court date.  Our dossier (fancy word for legal documents) will be mailed to the Ukraine this week, and then our court date will be determined as the dossier is processed.

NOW... as we are moving along in this process, money comes due at certain times for certain things, and that is where the idea of a recipe book fundraiser has come in!  As I was driving and praying about the adoption a couple of months ago, I had the distinct thought that creating a recipe book was an idea that I should run with.  I am by no means a kitchen expert, but many friends and family of mine enjoy the hobby of collecting great recipes as much as I do.  We are going to be putting together a cookbook of amazing recipes to sell for personal use as well as for gifts.  Even if you don't particularly enjoy cooking, there are certainly recipes that you like to eat, so get busy asking Grandma Betty for the 4-1-1!

Your BEST recipes, all types, are needed.  The specific categories are as follows: 

* Appetizers & Beverages
* Soups & Salads
* Vegetables & Side Dishes
* Main Dishes
* Breads & Rolls
* Desserts
* Cookies & Candy
* This & That (think outside the box- homemade playdough, special sauces, marinades, etc)

If you could submit at least five recipes that would be wonderful, although there is no limit to the amount you can contribute.  If you don't have five, submit what you can as opposed to none at all.  This will be a guaranteed favorite cookbook of yours; that is a promise!  I have spent many years collecting favorites and they will all be included.  

The books will be: hardback, spiral bound, and $20 each.  They will be ready in plenty of time for the holidays, so be sure to order extras as gifts.  Feel free to share this opportunity with family and friends; the more the merrier!  Just forward this email.

Please submit your recipes via email to Amy Campbell at with the subject 'Recipes' by Sunday, September 14th.  They can be typed directly into an email or attached as a document, either way.  Also include in the email how many books you would like to purchase.  Book money can be mailed or given to Amy with checks made payable to her: 
3213 Cottingham Court, Greensboro NC  27410.  Please include $3 extra per book if you aren't local to cover shipping.  You can give book money to me as well if that is easier. Money is also due by September 14th.

Thank you so much in advance for participating.  Go ahead and submit your recipes while you're thinking about it so that time doesn't get away from you!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Love, Kim

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